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Trekking is not just about spending a whole lot of time getting from point A to point to B, it’s about the experience of the journey. Trekking is the journey not the destination. When you’re trekking in Kashmir, you’ll experience a trek that is unlike anything anywhere else in the world. Read More...

Trek Kashmir is a professional and dedicated tourism and trekking organization, which arranges treks that are incomparably better than any other experience you may have. We are not only professional but we focus our energies on making sure that we bring you a once in a lifetime trekking experience.

Considering that no two treks are the same, every trek is a once in a lifetime experience. There are things that you will experience on the trek which I indescribable in words, no poetry or music can explain such an experience!

There are a number of trekking organizers and operators who trek through the beauty of Kashmir or Ladakh in an attempt to reach the other end as quickly as possible, that’s not us! We are more interested in enjoying the experience, and there is so much to enjoy.

What you’ll be seeing when you go trekking in Kashmiris more than just a trek, you’ll be seeing yourself experience something you’ve never experienced before. The place is not called heaven on earth for no reason, Ladakh will awaken a different part of your spirit which even you will be unfamiliar with! Once you’ve been for a trek with Trek Kashmirin Ladakh or Kashmir, you’ll feel like a free bird and that experience and that feeling will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Very few people on earth know what it feels like to trek through the transforming beauty of this paradise on earth. The clean clear pure fresh air and water have an effect on your body and health that cannot be explained. At the same time, the beauty of the environment changes your perspective of life and how you view life. All said and done, once you are here you’ll be happy that you came!

Trekking in Kashmir is an experience that everyone should have, and we at trek Kashmir make sure that you have the correct experience always. There are certain DOS and don’ts and we know them all, we know what needs to be done and we also known what not to do. As a result what you get is a wonderfully packaged trek which includes the very best of all the DOS and none of the don’ts.

We do what we do because we love our job, for us our work is our play and our play is a passion. You’ll understand that better when you here! And no matter how many times we cover the same routes we always discover something new, that’s the reason we say no to treks are the same.

With Kashmir trek, you will never feel want of gear, camping, cuisine or any other requirement on your adventure trip. We provide you complete gear, camping, lodging, food, professional expert escorts and everything you need. We know your needs better than others!
We provide different level training and instructions programs before you set out on your adventure into one of the world most appalling mountain ranges. We know the terrains and you need to know it before stepping up into them. These mountains are baffling and certainly not for amateurs!
Our next trekking adventure, 17 people group, starts 4th July to the dazzling Gangbal Lake. This lake originates from the glaciers situated along on the northernside of Mount Harmukh. With white snow-clad mountains reflecting in the crystal water of the lake, the adventure is truly heavenly.
Now that you are ready to set on the adventure, don’t be excited to rush with the things. Maintain your health and plan your trek properly. Physical fitness is a key to a successful trek. Before you set out, make sure you are physically fit.


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